Signature Collection Coming Soon:
Thursday 29th October, 6pm (GMT)

I met the Weekend Offender crew a few years ago at one of their infamous in-store parties. Faces from the football world, actors, musicians and lot of booze later and I knew we’d do something together. I’d loved the brand and what it was about and stood for and now equally the team behind it.

A while down the line we spoke about the idea of doing a collaboration for a tee. We agreed we felt people, our people, would respond well to it and did a little launch. What we hadn’t anticipated was the enormous response to it which in turn led to other colour drops and sold amazingly well for over a year (how along ago did we launch?)

During this period I’ve become more heavily involved with the company and good friends with the team who are like my brothers and sisters now.

This has all led us as a team and you guys as supporters of the brand and myself to this exciting point of the next collaboration we bring to you. Time to get involved.

The Signature Collection:

Removable velcro ‘Prison Logo’ badge with ‘Leo Gregory’ signature underneath. Badge affixes to velcro inside left on the jacket for safe keeping.

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